We Love New York Because New York Is Everywhere

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Today, the team at Ying Cai launches our new online shopping experience, bringing our followers a new way to discover our design philosophy and enjoy our latest trends. 

Our passion is fashion but beyond that our passion is luxury and finding a way to live more beautifully through the way we dress, and express. We love New York because it is a city of unmatched energy, diversity, creativity and community - a center for art and design - a place where the entire global community comes together to experience all that is beautiful across all cultures. 

New York is the city of great museums and galleries, great music, dance, theatre, food, wine, and experience. 

New York is the city of fortitude and grace, able to transcend the impact of natural disasters and manmade terrorism. 

New York is the city of light, a sister to Paris, where the great couturiers continue to inspire us. 

New York is the city of self expression and freedom, and as we continue to welcome our followers as Ying Cai expands and prospers, we celebrate the beauty of inviduality and the joy of owning a dress, a tie, a fragrance that enhances our lives - moments of quiet beauty and a sense of luxury that is born in comfort as well as style. 

What is luxury? It's love. Whether we love the feel of cashmere, the detail of embroidery on silk, the flow of the evening gown, or the joy of giving an exquisite gift to a dear friend - love is luxury, and luxury is love. 

We hope you love what we create and the experience online of learning more about our philosophy and how it impacts our products. 

Enjoy every moment as you explore our new virtual shop! 


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