When Love and Luxury Come Together, We All Live More Beautiful Lives

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Welcome to my new online shop, and this new blog, Love and Luxury. I am inspired to create the highest quality and most beautiful and meaningful apparel, accessories and fragrances and with every design imagine how my products make people feel.

There is nothing like the feeling of the finest silk, cotton and cashmere against the skin. A dress that floats around the body. The scent of tiny white flowers that ignites a memory of spring. The feeling of confidence when tightening the knot of a well-made tie. The comfort of a jacket that fits perfectly, and the sense of individuality that comes from finding that unique item not found in mass merchandised shops, but reserved for those who truly appreciate the value of hand-finished, perfectly and humanly made apparel.

Luxury makes us feel good, and it is very close to love. Many of the designers I admire and have learned so much from understand this, and they recognize that one of the greatest luxuries we have is to express our love not only to the people in our immediate circles, but beyond that reaching out to people who are less fortunate and for whom luxuries are simply food, clothing and shelter.

One of the greatest designers in this regard is Donna Karan. Her Urban Zen Foundation has impacted thousands of lives, including in Haiti where some of her products are created, therefore creating livlihood for artisans there.

From her Foundation's website:

A world traveler, a lifelong yogi, as well as mother and grandmother, Donna considers Urban Zen the natural extension of her desire to find the missing link in the areas she cares most about. It is also the realization of Donna’s dream not just to dress people, but to address them as well.

In addition to the Haiti Artisan program, which has been supported by her Parsons School of Design, Donna Karan has also established through her foundation programs for children and eduction, and integrative health through mind-body approaches.

I am a young designer, just starting out, but following in the footsteps of socially aware and active designers like Donna Karan, I am committed to helping others as part of my approach to business - luxury - and living.

Our generation has an opportunity to contribute to the change in the world we wish to see, and even as we grow in our careers, succeed and be in a position to access the finest "things" in life, remember to always be kind, to always find ways to support others, to blend our work lives with the only life we have on earth.

The feeling of making a positive impact is the greatest luxury of all.


Nov 27th, 2016 New York City

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