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Ying Cai® Luxury BeddingYing Cai ® Bedding



  •  Supreme quality Product Tailor to Your Need

We tailor products to your exact need, from specific pieces to size; specific edge designs to your Customize Branding. Just tell us your ideal product, we will do all the work. Possibility and flexibility is endless.


  • Attractive Pricing and Value

Our pricing is roughly 15-20% less than traditional wholesalers because of typical overheads such as office rent, payroll and holding cost of inventory…

We are your manufacturer and designer. We work with and build long-term relationships with cotton suppliers overseas, our product is 'made to order', we don't stock them, thus able to reduce significant amount of overhead on holding cost of inventory.


  • Ethical, Sustainable, Fair Trade Practices and Certified

Our production facilities are certified Fair Trade practices with Bureau Veritas Certifications, have extensive in house quality control system. All of our finished products are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex ® standard.

** Bureau Veritas is a leader in certification of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management systems. Accredited by over 60 countries internationally.


Who We are

We are a family business with 4 generations in the manufacturing industry. Our network of manufacturing facilities for bedding products located in cotton producing countries including Peru, Turkey, Pakistan and India. As designer with a luxury label, we retail and show in Europe twice every year. Our brand has been regularly seen on British Harper’s Bazaar; GQ and Glamour magazines.


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