Ying Cai ® Sustainability

               Ying Cai _ sustainability

Sourcing and Fabrics

We are currently using a newly developed sustainable fabric - a blend of Tencel; Cupro and Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton (with subtle matte shine and extremely soft to the skin) for shirts, blouses and dresses. Blazers and pants are made from 100% wool. We also use fully sustainable lightweight tencel fabric on linings in our Ready to Wear collections. The production and use of these materials can significantly reduce the waste of water. These natural, durable and breathable fabrics doesn’t shed plastic microfibers into the water and are all compostable. The plants which these fibers are made from are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, they are harmless to the human body and have a significantly less environmental impact during their farming and production process.

We are committed to continuously in search for newly developed; natural and sustainable materials that will contribute to saving our environment.


Managing Waste and Excess Inventory

We implement a six month Pre-order system before the season, once the collection is shown after each fashion week, store buyers can pre-order the collection from our showroom and retail buyers can pre-order them from our e-commerce website. We only make the amount that is pre-ordered and keep very small inventories for retail. Once the collection is sold out, we will not restock them again, thus we will not have a waste problem and our ready to wear collections will never have to go on sale. (If we do have excess inventory at the end of the season at some point in the future, we will recycle them, all the materials are fully recyclable.)

 Our Art Collections are Made-to-Order only, most of our orders are made-to-measure, clients have the options to send in their measurement online through our website if they choose not to make a measuring appointment. We will not make more than 5 pieces per style and each art piece is numbered. These collections will never be on sale.


Local Production

We work with two local manufactures for our Ready to Wear collections, one in garment district, Manhattan; one on Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in different garment categories. Both manufactures pay their workers above New York City minimum wage and all the garment workers have full health coverage.

Our Art Collections are hand made in our design studio only.


Constant Creativity Combining with Art

We create new collections every three months. Combining Art in the making and presenting of our collections. Our goal is to combine constant creativity with Art; high quality/sustainable materials and small productions preserving exclusivity to build a luxury and sustainable brand for many decades to come.