The Powerful Feminist

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What's the story behind your label?

Initially, I wanted to do a brand that's completely based in New York, from the designing to the sample making to the production, everything in New York, and now as we go along the idea becomes more clear, and more sustainable. We are currently 38% sustainable, but we have a goal to increase that number every season, and on top of everything being based in New York, the label is an idea that represents the power of feminists, that's how I'd describe it. So, we are targeting women in the workforce, who dress for work and for an outing and not afraid to show the feminist side in a subtly yet elegant way, and of course, the brand has an Eastern aesthetic, because that's associated with my background.


Ying Cai

How do you incorporate the Eastern aesthetic?

Sometimes it's just the feeling. It's not really about a specific color, it's the style, the message, for example, last season in London, in February, a lot of our clothes were the high neck, which was found a lot in Asia 100 years ago, so that type of style.

Ying Cai

You were talking about sustainability, why is sustainability important for you?

Because fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, and I think it will make a huge difference if our generation works towards that goal. That is very meaningful for us.

Ying Cai

Where are you sourcing your materials from?

Right now, we source our material within New York, however, in the new season, we hope to travel around the world in the hope of finding more sustainable suppliers.

Ying Cai

Where did the idea to hand paint collection pieces come from?

We look for something unique each season. My inspiration for the AW18 collection came from the Château de Versailles, Paris, so the feeling of traditional colours like Blue and Gold, are represented in the collection. Also, hand painting makes sense to us, as a smaller brand, because if we were to use prints, we may not meet the supplier's minimum. So with this collection, everything is made to order. 

Ying Cai

In terms of stockists and buyers, are you stocked anywhere at the moment?

Right now we are only selling in one shop in London.

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