Celebrating New Birth and Creativity

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This has been a shocking week for those who know and admire both Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Bourdain is one of the greatest American Celebrity chef, author, storyteller and television personality who won almost every award in his industry. Spade created what many women would consider the ideal way of living. Spade’s namesake brand had mainstream success in her 30’s, her world was filled with creativity, beauty, family and meaningful work. Both took their own lives this week and it was a one-two punch to our belief that there are some people who are living the perfect life, the life seemed so idyllic and enviable is a mystery to people… And yet, these two could not bear to live their lives any longer.


We can’t help to ask ourselves “What truly make you happy? What do you want in life? What do you value most in life and what do you do after your dreams come true?” It really gets us in deep thinking. Perhaps we should all take a step back in the process to ask ourself these questions.


The experience of death changes the way we look at life and it adds value to our perspective... We believe the best way to deal with death is the idea of new birth. The birth of new creations; new ideas; new relationships; discovering new talents; new projects and generating new excitement... life surely have up and downs as parts of everyone’s journey across all age, gender and ethnicity. It should be and is an exiting journey. The thoughts we chose play a very important part and we truly have control over it. We should all take charge of it! Don’t let anyone or anything have control over your thoughts or emotions. The only thing we can do is to lighten up everyone around us but we need to start with ourselves!


One of our missions is to empower woman and embrace feminism. Let’s learn from our experience and lighten up the world with the ideas of new birth; creativity and celebration!



Ying Cai Team

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