Sustaining the Luxury Dream

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Study shows that in the 1960”s 95% of our clothes were made in the U.S. Today there’s only 3%. Yet, the retail price has increased by 70%. Most fashion companies including luxury labels shifted their productions to the part of the world where forced labor and child labor are prevalent; 98% of workers do not receive a living wage and systematically building and supporting extreme poverty somewhere in the world…

 As an ethical luxury label founded in New York City, we work to create opportunities for economic growth in the apparel industries in New York City. Only work with ethical manufactures who function under fair-labor conditions and providing their workers with benefits.

 Since the early 90’s, retail price point has increased by 70% and cost has decreased by 6%. The consumption has increased by 500% thinking that we are saving by buying cheap but we actually end up spending more on quantity of low. 400 billion pounds of clothing are thrown out and sitting on landfills each year. Is it time for euphoria? Where? To celebrate what? Isn’t it time to get back to the essence of luxury? Conspicuous waste is a dead-end street for the luxury industry, we now need to promote conspicuous taste as a signal of consumer’s cultural ability to select green conspicuousness.

 As much as it’s a hug challenge to be an emerging brand, We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. We are currently at 38% sustainable with our souring and with a goal to increase that number each season by traveling around the world in search for sustainable material suppliers.

 Our mission is to deliver superior quality and ethically-produced product to consumers and returning a share of our profits directly back to the community where we source and produce from by working with local charities.

 With attention on corporate social responsibility and ecology, we, as new generations in fashion - one of the world’s largest and most polluted industries, has huge potential to be an innovator to lead and push towards more sustainable solutions on a global scale to keep the beautiful world we live in as the way it is. We as a creative company, believes using business and creativities as a force for good, and that is why we do what we do.

Love, xx

Ying Cai Team

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