The Wrap on Luxury

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Who can resist a beautifully wrapped package, especially during the holidays. While it's true that what's on the inside is what really counts, beautiful on the outside is also a meaningful part of delivering a gift. 

We can show how much we care by taking the time to wrap gifts with visually beautiful boxes, papers and ribbons, even hiinting at what's inside the package through creative elements.

For example, if you're giving a white floral perfume, find a small white flower by simple tying it into the ribbon.

If you're giving a velvet scarf, find a yard of velvet ribbon in the same color, including vintage velvet ribbon which you can find online.

If you're giving a Japanese inspired gift, for example a beautiful teapot or dishes, create an orgami effect with paper folding, using several layers of beautiful handmade papers.

The best things often do come in small boxes so when you are giving a ring or bracelet inside its own box, layer that box into a slightly bigger box, and tie it up with a silver or gold ribbon, with a tiny hand written card.

Many luxury brands offer packaging that is as beautiful as their products - who can resist that Tiffany blue box and silky white ribbon for example? Ralph Lauren's navy blue box with gold lettering always signals quality inside, and the iconic Hermes orange boxes are as collectible as the scarves that come inside them.

Little luxuries can also include gifts you make yourself - for example, tiny chocolate truffles, kitchen-made soaps, fresh herb bouquets...

Get creative and find ways to add extra love to the luxuries you give others, and your gifts, whether expensive treats or handmade treasures will add joy and remain in the memories of the recipients forever.

At Ying Cai, we take extraordinary care when we wrap every product we ship, anticipating the response of our cliants and the friends they give our products to. Fashion is an experience, a feeling, a pleasure that starts from the beginning.

Wishing you all a holiday season filled with all your favorite people, things and feelings,


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